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Criminal Background checks are based solely on Name and Date of Birth.  Social Security numbers cannot be used as an identifier.  Tenant Data does review ALL arrests and convictions to assure the accuracy of the report.  We complete these out as quickly as possible, but in some cases the research takes awhile.  Please be patient, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Multistate Report

Multistate Criminal Background Reports is a database check purchased from an outside source.  Tenant Data is continuously researching the various sources so that we can give our clients the best database check we can buy.  This criminal history check currently covers 45 states and includes a sex offender check from ALL 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

Guideline to States with Limited or No information included in a Multi-state Database Check.

Sources Included Recommendation Cost
Alabama DOC Only Statewide Recommended $12
California Not Included County Only $17-27 County Prices Vary
Colorado DOC Only Statewide Recommended $12
Delaware Not Included Statewide Recommended $12
Georgia DOC Only County Only $12
Hawaii DOC Only Statewide Recommended $20
Idaho DOC Only Statewide Recommended $9
Illinois Partial Counties included County Only $12 each
Indiana Partial Counties included County Only $12 each
Kansas DOC Only Statewide or County $28 or $12 each county
Kentucky DOC Only County Only $12 each
Louisiana DOC Only County Only $12 each plus court fees
Maine DOC Only Statewide or County $40 or $12-50 County Prices Vary
Massachusetts Not Included County Only $12 each
Michigan Partial Counties included Statewide or County $28 or $25-$60 County Prices Vary
Mississippi Partial Counties included County Only $12-$27 County Prices Vary
Montana DOC Only County Only $25-$50 County Prices Vary
Nebraska DOC Only Statewide Recommended $9
Nevada Partial Counties included County Only $12 each
New Hampshire DOC Only County Only $32
New York DOC Only Statewide or County $105 or $12-110 County Prices Vary
South Dakota Not Included Statewide $28
Utah DOC Only Statewide $12
Vermont DOC Only Statewide $40
Virginia Partial Counties included County Only $12 each
West Virginia Partial Counties included County Only $12 each
Wyoming Not Included County Only $32

States Included:  Alabama(DOC), Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado (DOC), Connecticut, DC, Florida, Georgia(DOC), Hawaii(DOC), Idaho(DOC), Illinois(some counties excluded), Indiana(some counties excluded), Iowa, Kansas(DOC), Kentucky(DOC), Louisiana(DOC), Maine(DOC), Maryland, Michigan(DOC), Minnesota, Mississippi(DOC), Missouri, Montana(DOC), Nebraska(DOC), Nevada(DOC plus Clark County), New Hampshire(DOC), New Jersey, New Mexico, New York(DOC), North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah (DOC), Vermont(DOC), Virginia(DOC), Washington, West Virginia(DOC), Wisconsin.  Those states noted with DOC only consists of data from the states' department of corrections.

States Included, but statewide reports recommended:  Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Maine, Michigan, New York, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia... Very limited information is included in the multi-state database check.

States Included, but county-level reports recommended:  Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, West Virginia.  Other counties recommended over statewide if applicant only lived in one county are Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Vermont and Virginia.  Very limited information is included in the multi-state database check.  Prices Start at $12, with some counties incurring additional court fees. 

States NOT included:  California (county-level only), Delaware (county-level only), Massachusetts (county-level only), South Dakota(statewide available), Wyoming (county-level only)

Tenant Data Policy

In light of  the recent HUD guidelines and disparate impact, and upon the advice of our attorney, we have instituted the following policy in regard to the criminal data we provide our customers as follows:

  • We do not provide misdemeanor case information when the offense date is 7 years or older, unless it is a sexual offense.
  • We will include felonies when the offense date is older than 7 years, unless it is from one of the following states: WASHINGTON, CALIFORNIA, MASSACHUSETTS, KANSAS, MARYLAND, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NEW MEXICO, NEVADA, NEW YORK. These states that have adopted an analog or "mini-me" Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA") statute that restricts the reporting of felonies with an offense date over 7 years.
  • We are also not providing juvenile cases, dismissed cases, dismissed offenses, arrest records, and speeding or traffic/motor violations.

Please be advised that  some regulations (Federal & Local) limit what we can include in our criminal reports to you.   This may include the type of crime, arrests or convictions and how far back in time that we are allowed to report a criminal case.  You should develop your own tenant selection plan or criteria that spells out your policies and procedures including acceptable or unacceptable crimes such as:  how recent the crime is and the age of the applicant at the time the crime was committed.  Do the same with your credit report data.   Many landlords find violence, drug, and property damage crimes unacceptable.    

HUD Guidance on Disparate Impact

Please select the link below to read HUD's guidance regarding disparate impact of criminal background checks.