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Why Does the Credit Report Come back with ***NO RECORD FOUND***

·      Consumer is young and has not yet established a credit file.

·      Consumer is on a Disability or Income Assistance Allowance and does not have a credit file.

·      Consumer is a new arrival to the country and has not yet established a credit history.

·      Consumer has been incarcerated for a long period of time.

·      The wrong personal information such as name, date of birth, SSN, address was entered wrong when requesting the report

·      Consumer has provided you with false information to ensure that you do not find his/her credit history. Many high risk tenants misspell their name, provide a wrong date of birth and will leave out the last one or two addresses that they have been at because they know that the reference will not be a good one. Be aware that this could happen to you. Look at two pieces of I.D. and request a pay stub or income tax return from the previous year to verify Identity information provided to you.

·      The  applicant’s background or culture may be one that  does not trust banks or has not embraced using credit