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How do I Print the Adverse Action Letter?

Tenant Data and the federal FCRA require the issuance of adverse action letters if you have obtained a report from Tenant Data and you have determined that an adverse action will be taken. Such letters provide the applicant with information on where to obtain a copy of his or her report(s). The adverse action letter also is an excellent method of record keeping for Fair Housing purposes.


1.     Select “Applicants” from the menu bar at the top right hand of the screen.

2.     Select the report number (not the name) to view the report of the applicant.

3.     Select the Adverse Action Letter in the upper right-hand of the report.

4.     A print dialogue page will appear.

  • You may print the letter from this page and manually check the appropriate source(s) of information that contributed to your decision.
  • If you wish to have the source(s) marked BEFORE you print the letter, select cancel. You may then check the appropriate source(s) of information that contributed to your decision by marking the boxes on the screen. Select File, Print from the menu bar and print the letter.

5.     A Summary of your rights will also print, as you are required by FCRA to include this with your adverse action letter to the applicant.

6.     You may notify the applicant by phone, but always follow it with the adverse action letter and “A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.” In the case of married couples or roommates, each applicant should receive a letter in his or her name.