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ATTENTION: Coming July, 2016

Tenant Data will be including the VANTAGE CREDIT SCORE on all reports that currently receive the FICO SCORE. The scores range from the usual 300 to 850 with the higher score being the better credit history.

We have made this switch because the new Vantage score is the most current scoring model. This model scores applicants/people who have “thin” credit files, such as younger people like college students or folks who just do not use credit much. Please visit our "Downloads" page to obtain more information about the Vantage Score. And remember, you can always call us if you need assistance on reading a credit report. Don’t forget to provide an Adverse Action Notice to applicants that you decline or if you require them to have a cosigner or guarantor! Call Tenant Data at 1 (800) 228-1837 if you need assistance.